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...from 16.2.2023

Rental of the exhibition "Born in Auschwitz"

© Alwin Meyer

The exhibition, which will be on display at the House of Democracy and Human Rights from March 3 to April 26, can be borrowed for a modest rental fee beginning in May 2023.

On 31 rollups, the exhibition portrays children who were born in Auschwitz and other camps under almost unimaginable conditions and talk about their lives.

For more information, feel free to contact: kontakt@hausderdemokratie.de

Sponsored by: Berliner Landeszentrale für politische Bildung

...from 2.11.2022

8th World Congress against the Death Penalty


More than 1,000 participants from 90 countries are expected in Berlin, Germany, from 15 to 18 November for the 8th World Congress against the Death Penalty. As the most important abolitionist event in the world, the Congress will bring together political figures, activists, committed citizens and young people from around the world for four days of debates on the issue of the death penalty, which is still practised on all five continents.

The Congress will be launched on 15 November at the prestigious Pierre Boulez Saal in Berlin.

Web: www.congress.ecpm.org

...from 13.10.2022

Congratulations to Memorial for the award of the Nobel Peace Prize

© MEMORIAL Deutschland e.V.

The Foundation House of Democracy and Human Rights congratulates Memorial, who received the Nobel Peace Prize for their work for human rights, democracy and peace. We are happy to have Memorial in our house and wish them much success for their further work!

Statement of the Memorial Society on the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize

Memorial was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

Today the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the Belarusian human rights activist Ales Bjalyazki, the Ukrainian Center for Civil Liberties and Memorial. We thank the Nobel Committee for this honorable award.

The idea and mission of Memorial are human rights, history, assistance to victims of repression, struggle against state violence. Memorial is a network, it is people, a movement. We work in Russia, in Ukraine, in other countries, continuing the work that Andrei Sakharov and Arseniy Roginsky started over thirty years ago.

Like other civil society organizations in Russia, Memorial is currently facing intense state persecution. But memory and freedom cannot be banned. Therefore, we continue our work and will continue to do so under all circumstances.

Our thoughts are constantly with Ales Bjalyazki and the other political prisoners in the prisons of Russia and Belarus, as well as with our Ukrainian colleagues who are forced to work under war conditions.

The prize is awarded at a time when Russia is waging a war of aggression against Ukraine. In Russia itself, human rights and freedoms are being violated every second. It is more important now than ever to remember the thesis that Andrei Sakharov formulated decades ago. Peace, progress and human rights are goals that are inextricably linked. You cannot achieve one of them by disregarding the others. A state that does not respect human rights in its country inevitably becomes a threat to peace.

Web: www.memorial.de

...from 21.9.2022

Global climate strike on 23/09/2022!

© Fridays for Future
Join us on the streets on Friday! For the Global Climate Strike, we're calling for #PeopleNotProfit with over 250 climate strikes across the country. Join us and bring everyone you know - whether it's friends, family, or colleagues. Together we are loud for climate justice!

Web: fridaysforfuture.de

...from 12.9.2022

It's about human dignity - one-time payments are not enough

The Foundation House of Democracy and Human Rights supports the statement of the RAV on the rapidly rising cost of living, which threatens the existence and human dignity of many people.

Web: www.rav.de

...from 29.8.2022

Improved acoustics and fast internet


In recent months, extensive renovations have been made to the house. For example, the Robert Havemann Hall and our seminar room VH1 were equipped with Heraklit insulation panels and other acoustic improvements. There is significantly less reverberation in both rooms, and the sense of space has improved dramatically as a result.

In addition, the house will have a fiber optic main connection in September. A fast Internet connection will thus be available for events in the Robert Havemann Hall and seminar room VH1, e.g., for streaming.

Thankfully, both measures were supported with funds from NEUSTART KULTUR-ZENTREN 2.

...from 18.8.2022

Article in the StadtrandNachrichten about our house

StadtrandNachrichten published a nice article about our house: House of Democracy and Human Rights - A House of Movements.

...from 15.8.2022

Lieferando workers elect their first workers council in Berlin despite union busting by management

The board of the foundation welcomes the successful works council election at Lieferando and strongly condemns the UnionBusting methods of the management!

Lieferando workers elect their first workers council in Berlin despite union busting by management

Press statement 11th of August 2022

On August 08, 2022, the workers of Takeaway Express GmbH Berlin ("Lieferando") elected their first workers council. After a 7-day election (02.08.22 - 08.08.22), the counting of votes took place on Monday evening.

Two lists were available for election:

All couriers were able to vote. 200 of the nearly 1400 workers voted. 199 votes were valid. 131 votes went to the list of the Lieferando Workers Collective, 68 votes to the NGG list. The workers council to be constituted will have 17 members, eleven of the seats go to List 1 (LWC), six seats to List 2 (NGG).

Lieferando had previously tried unsuccessfully to interrupt the workers council election.

On the one hand, they tried to enforce in court that 24 office employees, some of them insupervisory positions, should be included in the voters list.

On the other hand, management also filed a lawsuit to cancel the workers council election, which was also rejected.[1][2][3]

According to a member of the election council:

"The goals of the lawsuits are contradictory and mutually exclusive. Either an election is corrected or it is canceled. Filing both suggests a different goal: obstructing the workers council even before it exists! Unfortunatelyunion busting is becoming more and more brutal, and thus more frequentin the run-up to the actual work of the workers council. It is increasingly already taking place during or before workers council elections. This is a very sensitive area of the Workers Constitution Act and democracy in companies. Workers who campaign for self-determination in the workplace are exposed to the arbitrariness of management without effective protection." [4-12]

This also applies to Lieferando in Berlin. The election council was repeatedly hindered in its work by the employer:

For example, through inadequate office space, provision of** faulty lists of workers, and by putting pressure on election council members through underpayment of salaries (wage theft) and failure to pay back election costs, among other things.

For months, the election council was not even able to contact the workers, as Lieferando did not provide any means of communication. The employer used this time to send out emails about the upcoming election, asking interested workers to contact the employer instead of contacting the election council.

A member of the election council comments:

"Despite all this, we have now elected the largest workers council at Lieferando in Germany. Never before have so many workers been as active as last week. We are very happy that we workers have shown that we will stand up for our rights together despite the difficult circumstances!"

Election council of the workers of
Takeaway Express GmbH Berlin
Potsdamer Platz 10, 10785 Berlin
REGUS, House 2, 5th floor, Room 533
E-mail: lieferat-berlin@mailbox.org
Phone: +49 170 682 4770 / +49 151 508 34885

UnionBusting at delivery companies:

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