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...from 28.6.2022

Rousseau-LEcture is Online!

The lecture Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Alternative Education, given by Dr. Maurice Schuhmann at the House of Democracy and Human Rights on June 21, 2022, is now online for re-listening: MP3

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Interview about IUG


For the June issue of the socialist trade union newspaper express, Mark Mence and Maurice Schuhmann interviewed historian Renate Hürtgen regarding the "Initiative for Independent Trade Unions (IUG)". Although the IUG was not a founding organisation of the building, it was one of the first tenants in Friedrichstraße. Part of the interview can be found at: express.

Web: express-afp.info

...from 25.5.2022

Statement by the Board of the Foundation House of Democracy and Human Rights


"War on war!" (Poem by Kurt Tucholsky)

We are horrified by the unleashing of war in Ukraine. The images of suffering burn themselves into our memory every day. We resolutely oppose the war drive. This injustice is forcing thousands of people to flee to save life and limb. Civil society is becoming a victim of power interests of two actors. We are now also faced with the task of alleviating the suffering of those who have fled the war.

Through the war in Ukraine, the above-mentioned poem, which Kurt Tucholsky wrote shortly after the 1st World War, shows us a perpetual, frightening topicality. We, who as a rule have not experienced war ourselves, are now faced with the task of consistently opposing the war drive with all our determination and at the same time alleviating the suffering of those who have fled from war.

However, we say: There is never reason for war!

Thus, in Germany, in a very short time, positions that were won and considered safe were abolished or turned into the opposite (e.g. massive armament of the army, the delivery of weapons to conflict areas). We strongly condemn the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army. But we also point to the other actors (NATO and others) in this conflict.

"[E]very logic derives from the state organization of society, which in turn is that political form through which people rule over people. The rulers [...] act `responsibly-ethically,' claiming for themselves the right not to be judged by the criteria of reason and morality of the ruled [...]. [...] This has a long history. One must know it in order to overcome it. It is the history of the relationship between the state and violence, the state and the military. [...] It is the history of the formation of ruling unreason, [...] of the governed into pathological, dumbed-down thinking." [Ekkehart Krippendorf]

We express our sympathy with the Ukrainian civilian population.

We call for solidarity between the populations.

This war is not fought in our name.

This war is not between "East" and "West", not between different cultures. Here imperial power blocs are fighting each other at the expense of people all over the world.

We join the call of the Ukrainian Pacifist Movement of 24.02.2022:

"War is a crime against humanity. Therefore, we are determined not to support any kind of war and to work to eliminate all causes of war."

Board of the Foundation House of Democracy and Human Rights

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